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As eyes were on the pool recently for USA Olympics swimming team qualifiers, interest in the sport has skyrocketed for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. Maybe you or your children were inspired to get serious about swimming; maybe you’ve even decided to install a pool at your home.  After all, we are in the hot summer months and what better way to cool down and exercise than in a pool?

While most home pools aren’t as large as competitive swimming pools, they can still provide a great way to exercise, have fun, and cool off in the hot weather. Home pools do require maintenance, however, and most require heating to keep them comfortable. Heating a pool can use a lot of energy and be an expensive prospect, but you can take some steps to improve your pool’s energy efficiency.

  • Use a pool cover when your pool is not in use to reduce water loss through evaporation and potentially save up to 50%–70% on your pool heating costs.
  • Determine the best temperature for your pool to ensure you are operating your pool for maximum efficiency and comfort. Most pools are kept at 78°F to 82°F; each degree rise in temperature could cost 10%–30% more in energy costs, depending on your location.
  • If it is too hard for you and your guests to adjust to cooler pool water, or if you live in a climate where pool water simply is too cold to be comfortable, install an efficient swimming pool heater. Learn your options as there are gas, heat pump, and solar versions from which to choose.   
  • Install an energy-saving pool pump and operate it efficiently by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Whether you have your sights on an Olympic medal or simply like to take a dip in the backyard now and then, improving your pool’s efficiency will help keep those expenses down. And wouldn’t you rather worry about perfecting your backstroke?

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